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The following is the typical procedure employed on new construction projects:Pinchot Community Apartments
Pinchot Community Apartments, Phoenix AZ

1. Pre-design:
    a. Meet and discuss project with the Owner.
    b. Tour existing facility or similar facilities.
    c. Interviews:
    - Individual staff or department heads.
    - Discuss likes, dislikes and wish list.
    d. Site visit:
    - Conduct site analysis;
       access, circulation, visibility, orientation.
    e. Order topographic survey of the site.
    f. Order geotechnical report
    g. Formulate a program:
    - Number of rooms, sizes, juxtaposition
    - Establish square footage
    h. Review informally with staff/ contact
    i. Formulate a schedule for the project.
    j. Begin budget discussions.
    k. Contextual / aesthetic / historic discussion.
    l. Technology issues/ discussion:
      wireless, computer, security, communications
2. Design:
    a. Prepare preliminary design documents:
    - site plan, floor plan, elevations
    b. Review with Owner and revise accordingly.
    c. Preliminary material selections, int & exterior.
    d. Prepare & present drawings for presentation:
    - colored rendering versus a scale model    
    e. Prepare design package:
    - site plan, floor plan, elevations, sections,
    rendering, material sample board.
    f. Initial construction cost estimation:
    - Review budget, revise accordingly.

3. Construction Documents:
    a. Prepare construction documents:
    - Architectural, MPE, Civil, Landscape, Fire
    - Project manual, Material sample boards
    b. Submit for plan review and building permit.
    c. Pick up “redlines”, revisions, resubmit.
    d. Project to be “permit ready”.
4. Bidding
     (concurrent with building plan review):
    a. Prepare bid documents:
    - Introduction, background, description
    - Bid proposal and instructions
    - Bid forms, RFI’s, etc.
    b. Prepare Contractor Bid List:       
    - Local Contractors, qualified Contractors
    c. Distribute documents for bidding:   
    - Distribute to contractors.
    d. Hold a mandatory “pre-bid” conference.
    e. Review and respond to all RFI’s
    f. Bid opening, Contractor selection:
    - Public bid opening as required
    - Review all submittals for completeness.
    - Review bids for “apples to apples”.
    - Check references, registrar of contractors.
    g. Award Notice:
     - Contract negotiation and value engineering.
    - Notice of award and notice to proceed.

5. Contract Administration:
    a. Pre-Construction conference w/ Contractor:
    - Discuss submittals, schedule, guidelines.
    b. Weekly jobsite meetings (or as required).
    c. Review shop drawings and submittals.
    d. Review and certify all pay applications.
    e. Final “punch” list.
    f. Review contractors final submittals:        
    - Owners manuals, warranties,
       “as-built” documents.

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